Housesitting is a booming trend worldwide and here’s why:

An increasing number of homeowners are not comfortable displacing their pets or leaving their homes empty when they have to travel for an extended time. Having a housesitter is one way of combating potential problems. Pets get to live in the comfort of thier own home, while criminals and would be thieves will avoid a home if someone is in residence. Having someone full time in the house also helps avoid any issues arising from frozen pipes & power outages or Tropical Storms.

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The Housesitting Websites:

We have been housesitting full time since April of 2012, this has allowed us to save an average of $24, 000 a year in accomodation costs, while staying in amazing homes and exotic locations.

The two websites we have used to secure the majority of our assignments are:

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Click here to Become a Housesitter.


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Pet First Aid Training:

Put yourself ahead of your housesitting competitors and gain confidence in your pet care ability. Many organizations offer courses in Pet First Aid including PetTechDogsafe Canine First AidWalks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid,  St. John Ambulance in Canada and American Red Cross

If classes are not available near you may consider either distance learning certification with Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid or online Pet First Aid Training Certification Programs such as The Pet Professional Guild or E-Training for Dogs.