About Us

We would like to tell you a little…. in fact a lot about ourselves!

Yvonne was born in a small rural town in England–it was a large busy household with various cats, dogs, budgies, hamsters, rabbits, goldfish and even two ferrets! Having pets was a way of life and still is. Even as a adult, home life always included pets and a garden….. she is the one with the green thumb, liking nothing better than to potter for a few hours, planting, pulling weeds and of course harvesting the bounty.

Yvonne–now retired from the financial services industry where she had to undergo Police and credit checks to maintain her license–also has a extensive background in quality control. She managed a seed testing laboratory for many years before leaving England. She also worked as a Scuba Instructor and crewed in the Caribbean for a few years, giving her the opportunity to share her passion of diving and conservation with people from all walks of life. This gave her the opportunity to live and work on different boats and the understanding that these too need to be looked after as well as any house…….  if not more so, as there are different needs and challenges.P1130032

Michael is definitely a country boy–he grew up near Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada. His folks had acreage well off the beaten track, where he reared his own chickens, ducks and pigs. Michael has lots of experience dealing with wells and the sceptic systems–both an integral part of country living– along with chopping cords of wood for the fire of course.

Michael is a professional Engineer, project manager and API Inspector and has run his own consulting business Bauche Engineering for almost twenty years. He was however ready for a change of pace and looking for more time to fulfill his dreams.

Our own home with a large garden, is in beautiful British Columbia. We have done extensive renovations on the property, doing the majority of work ourselves. Michael is a hand’s on guy and very handy when it comes to plumbing and electrical work. Yvonne turns a deft hand to the painting, tiling and of course the garden.

Our Garden

Like you, before we travelled anywhere we had to ensure that our pet, house and garden were taken care of. Sadly this was not always the case, one housesitter decided to warm up pizza in the oven…while it was still in the box!!! Luckily, it was caught before it sent the kitchen up in flames.

Taking Piper for a Walk

Over the last few years, we have travelled extensively, through Australia, Asia, the Americas, Philippines, Europe and the Caribbean. Having recently said goodbye to our elderly cat and downsized our home, we find ourselves for the first time, free of encumbrances and ready to take a sabbatical.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on keeping our word. Combined with a sense of adventure, resourcefulness and the experience of dealing with life’s up and downs we pride ourselves on providing ‘peace of mind’.

If you are looking for a mature, reliable, flexible, recommended and very competent couple to look after your home and pets, look no further. We would have hired us!


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