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Increasing numbers of homeowners are not comfortable displacing their pets or leaving their homes empty when they travel anymore. The solution is to engage a house sitter. Pets get to live in the comfort of their own home, while criminals and would be thieves are deterred by having someone in residence. Having a full time presence in the house also helps avoid any issues arising from frozen pipes, power outages or tropical storms.

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The House Sitting Websites:

We have been house sitting full time since April of 2012.

The two websites we have used to secure the majority of our assignments are:

Click here to Find a Housesitter

Click here to Become a Housesitter.

Trusted Housesitters

Country Specific House Sitting Websites

These websites focus their listings to one specific country. They have house/petsitter listings in specific countries and cover Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and the U.K.


Aussie Housesitters   

Mindahome Australia

US and Canada:

Housesitters America

MindaHome USA       

Housesitters Canada  

New Zealand:


United Kingdom & Europe:

House Sitters UK        

Mindahome UK          

Housesit Match          


Pet First Aid Training:

Put yourself ahead of your house sitting competition and gain confidence in your pet care ability. Many organizations offer courses in Pet First Aid including PetTechDogsafe Canine First AidWalks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid,  St. John Ambulance in Canada and American Red Cross

If classes are not available near you may consider either distance learning certification with Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid or online Pet First Aid Training Certification Programs such as The Pet Professional Guild or E-Training for Dogs.

Michael has Pet First Aid Training Certification from the  The Pet Professional Guild.

As part of the certification process Michael had to submit several videos demonstrating essential skills:

The first video demonstrates bandaging with Elizabeth

The second is a CPR demonstration with Montgomery

Then there is how to apply an emergency muzzle to Max

and finally, determining Little Bit’s pulse rate


Our Books:

The Globetrotter’s Guide to Travel Insurance

Can we really Trust our Travel Insurance Coverage?

We have all heard the horror stories regarding travel insurance – stories about people having to fend for themselves in 3rd world hospitals, even having to supply their own food and bedding – or those who had purchased insurance only to find their claims DENIED because of some technicality.

Serious health issues can come right out of “the Blue” and turn your life upside down. We have experienced this personally. One day Michael, was healthy, fit and in his forties. The next day he was in an Emergency Room with the Doctor telling us that he was facing a life threatening condition. Two weeks later Michael was finally released from hospital.

Luckily we had travel insurance in place when this happened – however we experienced first hand how CHALLENGING it can be to actually receive compensation – even in a “Cut and Dry” case such as ours.

We always knew that policy “legalese” favored the insurance company. What we did not realize is to what degree insurance companies apply underhanded tactics to stall, bluff and avoid paying out a legitimate claim.

We have been world travelers since 1991 and traveling full time since May 2012. Over those years, we have visited 75 countries on 6 continents and bought insurance that seemed to “make sense” without really understanding what we were buying. We “hoped and prayed” that :

A – nothing would happen to us and,

B –  if it did, our insurance would come through and bail us out

Since those early days we have gained INSIDER knowledge from working within the insurance industry as well as making successful insurance claims.

Our unexpected hospitalization prompted us to conduct extensive research into the ins, outs and quirks of travel insurance. We wanted to make better – more informed choices as consumers. More importantly we wanted to know all the tactics and knowledge necessary to avoid wasting more countless hours jumping through insurance company hoops.

From experience we know that the deck is often stacked against you when it comes to travel insurance.

The Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance EVENS the “Playing Field”. It offers a focused systematic approach—written in plain English—to help you identify the most important aspects of coverage, and how to eliminate the barriers that prevent you from making a successful claim.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this book:

  • How to master the insurance game by knowing the rules before you play
  • A step-by-step process for determining your specific insurance needs and the BEST options available
  • How to create a realistic coverage plan ensuring adequate protection
  • How to avoid unnecessary coverage saving you time and money
  • A simple strategy to lower your travel insurance costs
  • The TRUTH about credit card travel insurance coverage
  • How to avoid buyer’s remorse
  • A proven blueprint to manage your policy while travelling
  • An insurance claim strategy that works in the REAL WORD

Plus much more!

Buying travel insurance is easy – maybe even too easy! Slick promotional materials make travel insurance sound simple, however there are VAST differences between what the sales brochure says and what the insurance policy ACTUALLY covers.

The Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance will help you become an INFORMED consumer. It will give you the tools required to get past the superficial information, ‘the fluff’, enabling you to ensure the odds are not stacked against you.

Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance is covered by Amazons 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you want to travel with 100% PEACE OF MIND head over to the Amazon Store now and grab a copy of The Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance.

Selling Up To Travel

How To Simplify Your Life & Travel The World — The Ultimate Guide

These days we travel the world full time and easily manage all our affairs with just a laptop and internet connection from anywhere on the globe.

This was not always the case. Back in 2011 we were well entrenched in the Rat Race. We had a 4 bedroom house in suburbia brimming with ‘stuff’, cars, phones and the trappings of success…. and we both had to work full time to pay for it all.

Our lives were busy and complicated and on an upward spiral.

The ever increasing complexity with no end in site, eventually made us decide to SELL UP & TRAVEL.

It sounds simple but it wasn’t …………….where to start? What needed to be done, what didn’t? How to tackle what could have been a DAUNTING task? That is where Michael’s experience as a Project Manager in the Oil and Gas industry came in handy.

Selling Up To Travel is packed with first hand knowledge and advice to help turn a convoluted and complicated task into one that is simple and stress free. It is a must read for anyone seeking to escape the 9 to 5 and experience a life of travel, to retire overseas or for those of you just looking to live a simpler life.

In this book you will discover:

  • The subtle art of prioritizing and planning your transition
  • The truth about renting out your home and funding your travels
  • How to ELIMINATE the bondage of clutter FOREVER
  • A step-by-step process for ditching the piles of paper forever
  • How to create a personal plan for handling bureaucracy, finances and taxes
  • A PROVEN blueprint to downsize and simplify your affairs
  • Your specific technology needs and the options available

And much, much more…..

Whether setting off for the short term – or embarking on a never-ending voyage, this book covers EVERYTHING you need to know about selling your stuff, simplifying your life, and setting off on a new adventure.

From the practicalities and pitfalls of renting your home, what to take with you, what to leave behind, what to do with your vehicle and how to re-organize your affairs, to health and wellness preparations, which gadgets and electronics to take and how to become TRULY paperless.

Selling Up To Travel also covers the preparations required to handle bureaucracy, finances and dealing with taxes while on the road.

This book will show you everything that needs to be done and how to DO it ‘right’ before you go–ensuring a stress and worry free transition into a life of travel.

Planning a nomadic retirement lifestyle whether as Globetrotter, Cruiser, or RV’er? Everything you need to know—including all the details that you might never have thought of—are covered in this comprehensive and easy to understand book.

Selling Up To Travel is covered by Amazons 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you want to travel, retire, or relocate abroad for an EXTENDED period of time and make the transition as stress and worry free as possible head over to the Amazon Store now and grab a copy of Selling Up To Travel.

Pet Care & First Aid -The Common Sense Guide for Pet Sitters and Owners

After more than 6 years of full time international house sitting experience. Michael & Yvonne have a new mission: to use their unique insights and experience, to help both pet sitters and owners provide the best possible care for their pets.

To accomplish this mission Michael and Yvonne have teamed up with Dr. Huey of the Barbados RSPCA who has over 50 years of veterinary experience.

Based on Michael and Yvonne‘s own experience, Pet Care & First Aid delves into the unique challenges that are faced by pet sitters and the pet owners who engage them.

Michael & Yvonne’s formula for successful pet care appears impossibly simple: proper planning, preparation, and competent communication, in that order. Taking readers through their formula on how to develop authentic relationships between owners, sitters and pets and the basics of pet first aid, they share the inside details of their experience. They use these experiences to illustrate how common pet care issues develop and more importantly, how they can be managed.

The pages of this book will provide pet sitters and owners with:
•The tools to identify and correct any pet care issue before it becomes a problem
•Basic pet first aid knowledge, enabling pet caregivers to remain calm and effective during a pet medical emergency
•Increased confidence to deal with any pet medical emergency such as breathing and cardiac issues, poisoning, seizures, broken bones, injuries, bleeding, burns, shock, heatstroke, choking etc.
•A proven collection of checklists and forms to ensure nothing is overlooked
•A quick reference guide of specific, step-by-step procedures to address common injuries and conditions
•The knowledge that may help save a life

The pages of this book are packed with practical advice, anecdotes, tips, and trouble-shooting techniques aimed specifically at the particular needs of pet sitters and owners. Pet Care & First Aid – The Common Sense Guide for Pet Sitters & Owners is a smart, easy to use guide, invaluable for anyone seeking to provide the best possible care for their pets.

As a thank you to Dr. Huey and Dr. Joyanne Pollard and in tribute to the valuable work of the RSPCA, one third of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Barbados RSPCA.

We have also teamed up with the folks at International Living Magazine to write an extremely comprehensive – A to Z, step by step, paint by numbers guide to housesitting.

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The Most Powerful Money-Saving Travel Secret of All Time.

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