Our Approach

How We Approach House Sitting

During our very first house and pet sit we realised that this was going to be a new profession for us. Therefore it was natural for us to apply the same professionalism as with our prior businesses. What this means, is that we maintain high standards of honesty, integrity and service (see our Code of Conduct). You will also find us to be good communicators (with prompt responses to messages) very organized and completely reliable, from initial contact, during the sit and the wrap up at the end.

Most importantly, we keep our word. Once we have committed and agreed to take on an assignment we will be there as arranged. We ask  home and pet owners to afford us the same commitment.

What to Expect From Us

We take great pride in every sit we do and always ensure that when we leave, you have a clean, tidy home, a well-tended garden and contented and happy pets.

We like to visit (or preferably arrive) the day before your departure in order to meet you and your pets. This allows us to start building a rapport with the pets and gives us time to go over the routines and our check lists. This ensures that we have all necessary information for a problem free sit to hand, such as contact information, location of breaker box and water mains, pet feeding habits, garden requirements etc.

We know it can be stressful leaving your loved ones behind so to help insure your ‘Peace of Mind’ we provide regular updates on the pets and home (unless you prefer not to be disturbed). This is usually via email and can be as often as you wish.

In addition we provide a log of noteworthy events, which covers anything of significance that occurred while you were away, such as pool maintenance, power outages, telephone calls, minor repairs done, or any other incidents that happened.

We also build a small window of time between our sits which means we can cover for a day or two if you are unexpectedly delayed.

What is the Cost?

We do not usually charge for house or pet sitting because we feel it’s a win win for both parties. We get to stay in a nice home and get to understand what is really like living there. In return you have a very responsible couple taking care of your home and pets.

If you require services beyond the usual housekeeping, garden maintenance or your beloved pet needs extra care, this can be arranged for a small per-day fee (open to discussion).

Our Ideal House Sitting Assignment.

We like comfortable, clean homes in safe and quiet areas, as long as we can get to nearby amenities, rural is actually preferred. Small villages and towns are perfect, off the beaten track appeals also.

What We Need

  • A comfortable bedroom  with at least a queen-sized bed
  • Internet access, (we travel with our own laptops)
  • Things that you would supply a welcome guest, such as kitchen and laundry access, use of living room etc.
  • In remote areas access to a vehicle is a necessity

Even though we do not usually charge for looking after your home and pets, we approach house sitting in a conscientious business like manner, offering a valuable service as professional house sitters.