Property Management – Fee for Service

Vacation Rental Management / Hospitality Services

If you need someone to manage your holiday or vacation rentals while you are away, we also have experience in this field.

We have managed several extremely successful vacation rental businesses in the Caribbean Islands. In one case the owners had not been on vacation together for over 10 years because they could not turn the operation of their business over to just anyone. We have managed the property for them on two different occasions before they sold the business.

Services we offer include:

  • Rental / vacation property management
  • Providing customer interaction, concierge, and hospitality services
  • Management of staff and external service providers
  • Provisioning apartments for arrival
  • Greeting guests, giving orientations on the area and being on hand to answer questions or to fix any problems
  • We also do a thorough check before arrival to ensure the apartments are sparkly clean, and that nothing is overlooked i.e. extra toilet paper, hair removed from shower drains, etc.

Being travellers who use vacation rentals ourselves (when we are not house sitting) we understand the importance of providing a consistent high level of service. We also know that it is important to pay attention to every detail, ensuring your clients enjoy their vacation and your business receives another excellent online review.

Here are some of the reviews our clients have received while we were managing the property.

“We indeed had a wonderful stay. Michael and Yvonne were super hosts and the wedding at Villa Susana was AWESOME! Beautiful location – your friends at Villa Susana have done an amazing job with the house.
I hope you enjoyed your holiday.” ~Lasandra

“Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at your place! We had such a great time! Yvonne gave us plenty of tips for travel and the small starter of groceries was probably the best thing ever! Can’t think of anything to suggest because everything was amazing!”  ~ Joe

“This custom built home is just outstanding with regards to its layout, quietness and the beautiful view from its balcony of Spring Bay and its gardens.When we arrived the refrigerator was full of prepared meals and a loaf of freshly baked bread was on the kitchen counter. Things even get better when you discover there is fresh fruit on the kitchen counter and the refrigerator contains enough beer and soft drinks to get you started for the week.The owner had arranged for us to be picked up at the ferry (Noel’s taxi) and had a rental car arranged for our use and that process went smoothly.The owners were off island during our stay but our substitute hosts (Yvonne and Mike) were wonderful.” ~ Victor

Please note that we provide vacation property management services on a “fee for service arrangement” only. This is typically based on a percentage of the gross.