The A-Team

Connecting our Valued Homeowners with an Exclusive Network of Proven, Experienced House Sitters

After several years of full time house and pet sitting we realized that we had more house sitting opportunities than we could ever possibly manage on our own.

We hated not being able to fulfill all of our existing client’s requests for future house sits. We also know how much work is involved to find competent, reliable sitters through a house sitting platform.

Rather than having to send clients searching for new sitters we developed ‘The House Sitting A-Team’, a personally screened referral network of outstanding sitters.

The A-Team Mission Statement:

“To provide a value added service to our house sitting clientele. This service is achieved by a personal introduction to house sitters that we (Michael & Yvonne) have personally vetted and are comfortable referring to our clients.”

Always serious about providing the best possible service to our clients, the A-Team now allows us to offer top quality referrals. We view the membership of this exclusive group as an extension of our personal reputation as professional house and pet sitters.

Who is on the A Team?

The A Team is a handpicked group of proven, experienced house sitters of the highest calibre, sitters whom we are personally comfortable recommending to our clients.

Not all are accepted onto the team. House Sitting A-Team members must meet the following criteria:

  • Be experienced sitter(s) with exceptional credentials
  • Complete a vetting process
  • Must approach house sitting in a conscientious businesslike manner
  • Must be house sitters we know personally, either having spent time with in person or online
  • Team membership is by invitation only, it is strictly merit based, and there are no monetary considerations to unduly influence membership

How The A-Team Works

If we are not available to fulfill your house sitting assignment, you as the homeowner have the option to see if the A-Team can help.

With your permission we will place an announcement of your opportunity on our private ‘A-Team’ Facebook group complete with a description of the sit, the dates required and photographs if available. We give the team a minimum of 48 hours to express their interest in the assignment.

All interested parties will be introduced to the homeowner at the same time. It is up to the homeowner to choose the sitter that is the best fit. Neither the A Team member nor the homeowner is under any obligation. The intent of the A-Team is to be able to facilitate introductions of top quality, proven sitters to our valued clients.

What’s in it for the Homeowner?

Homeowners face many potential problems every time they look for new house sitters; here are just a few of them:

  • The ‘Top Notch’ sitters are often booked far in advance
  • The process of screening all applicants from a house sitting platform can be time consuming
  • The risks of choosing the ‘wrong’ sitter and ending up with last minute cancellations or a totally unsuitable person are very real

To ensure the success of any house sitting assignment is not left to chance, a homeowner needs to invest significant time and effort performing risk assessment and doing their due diligence.

Having a personal referral from sitters they already know and trust can solve many of these potential pitfalls and is therefore invaluable.

The A-Team provides the following benefits to our clientele:

  • They know they are engaging professional house sitters
  • They gain access to a network of top quality house sitters for future house sits
  • They can by-pass the time consuming vetting process required when placing house sitter wanted ads on the house sitting platforms

When a house sitting arrangement works – it is awesome. The result is a win-win situation where homeowners can leave their home and possessions with piece of mind, the pets are relaxed, contented and well cared for and the sitters get to enjoy a new experience.

When it doesn’t work? Well………. We have all heard the stories!

The bottom line is this – if we can’t sit for you, or we are not the right fit for the assignment – we have somebody on our team who is.