What We Offer

Our Experience

Since we started our house sitting career in 2012 we have booked and completed over 90 assignments many of which were repeat sits. During those assignments we have looked after 69 plus dogs, 43 cats, 15 hens and a clutch of freshly hatched chicks, fish, birds, 2 horses, a cheecky donkey, 10 goats, an alpaca and last but not least as it’s our most exotic, 1 boa constrictor snake.

After caring for and loving all these different characters, (well maybe not the snake) we can honestly say that we have a lot of experience.

The same variety applies to the range of homes we have cared for, these vary from modest condominiums and typical suburban family homes near Vancouver, BC Canada, to converted stables and barns, a vineyard and wine warehouse in France, a Spanish casita, a Cypriot stone house, a heritage home in UK and acreage in Canada, to luxury ocean view  villas  on the Caribbean and the Red Sea.

This wide range of homes has made us familiar with water catchment systems, pumps and wells, generators, solar heating and generation systems, pool cleaning and maintenance, managing large gardens and greenhouses, and dealing with cleaning and gardening staff.

Our Services

Professional Pet and House Sitting

Our decision to approach house and pet sitting with the same professionalism we applied to our businesses has served us well. As has our practical natures, in fact we have learnt to be even more adaptable, independent and resourceful than we were in 2012.

As home and pet owners ourselves we understand how important it is to find the right people to provide continuity of care for your home and animals while you are away.

What We Do For You

  • Take great care of your pet. Giving food, water, any medications, grooming, walks and  lots of love and attention
  • Gather mail and newspapers and accept any deliveries
  • Water house plants and garden as needed
  • Keep the home secure and sleep there every night
  • Provide regular updates and photos
  • Put out garbage/recycling or take to local bins
  • Keep your grounds, garden and pool looking spiffy
  • Deal with any emergency: pet to the vet, plumber, tripped fuses etc.
  • Keep the house tidy and of course clean up after ourselves

We’ll Respect Your Home and Property

We are conscientious of your home and belongings, we like to keep everything clean and tidy and Yvonne loves to garden. When on assignment we do any shopping and exploring during the daytime, ensuring that the pets are not left alone for too long and that your home is never left unattended overnight.

We’ll Take Excellent Care of Your Pets

We prefer to stick as closely to the pet’s usual routine as possible which is why we prefer adequate time at the beginning of the sit to go over their exercise and feeding routines. We also take the ongoing care and health of our charges seriously – which is why we are certified in pet first aid training. We have also taken a training course in dog leadership.


Please refer to our Testimonial page, names, email and phone numbers are available on request.

If you are looking for a mature, reliable, flexible and very competent couple to look after your home and pets, look no further!

Secondary Services:

The House Sitting ‘A-Team’

When you engage us (Michael and Yvonne) you are not just accessing our services as house and pet sitters but you are also gaining access to some of the most capable and experienced house and pet sitters on the planet.

After a decade of house and pet sitting we find we have more house sitting opportunities than we can possibly manage (sometimes we have 5 simultaneous requests). Since we have not figured out how to clone ourselves we have developed the house sitting ‘A Team’ instead.

The ‘A Team’ is a handpicked group of experienced house sitters of the highest calibre, whom we are comfortable recommending to our clients.

Please visit our House Sitting A-Team page for information.

Vacation Rental Management / Hospitality Services

If you need someone to manage your holiday or vacation rentals while you are away, we also have experience in this field.

For more information please see our Vacation Property Management Page.